This time we embark on a great odyssey in Greece, land of the Gods. From the amber of ancient times to the present, the Western world has basked in the glorious inspiration of the Greek myths. These strangely magnificent stories are deeply embedded in our culture and even our collective unconscious. On this trip we seek to discover the relevance and meaning the great gods of Olympus might have for us today.

To help us in our quest for understanding we meet up with author, Agapi Stassinopolous, who has written several books on Greek gods and goddesses.

According to Agapi, “The Gods of the Pantheon are still alive. They are alive in all of us and they are alive in everything you see in Greece. They are the archetypes and they are everywhere—in the land, in the tavernas, in the people talking.” As they tour the country Richard and Agapi search for manifestations of the gods in today’s Greeks, not just in the ruins and temples along the way but in modern life as well.

We begin in Athens, side-trip to Poseidon’s Temple at Cape Sounion and then head to Olympia, birthplace of the Olympic Games. Their quest takes them on to the island of Ithaca, to the site of mystical oracles at Delphi and finishes at the home of the gods, Mt. Olympus.

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Erratum: In the documentary, Odysseus is referred to as the hero of the Iliad. Odysseus is a heroic-character in the Iliad. Achilles is the hero of the epic poem.

Clarification: In the documentary, Demeter is said to be the goddess of 'corn.' The definitions below clarify the meaning of 'corn' as used within the context of this program:

Columbia Encyclopedia Sixth Edition 2008: The name corn is given to the leading cereal crop of any major region. In England corn means wheat; in Scotland and Ireland, oats. The grain called corn in the United States is Indian corn or maize (Zea mays).

Merriam-Webster Dictionary: 3 a: the seeds of a cereal grass and especially of the important cereal crop of a particular region (as wheat in Britain, oats in Scotland and Ireland, and Indian corn in the New World and Australia)

Encarta On-line Dictionary: 3. U.K.: wheat, barley, or oats: any cereal crop, especially wheat, barley, or oats

Gods of Greece

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