What is Eco Tourism?

Eco tourism is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and sustains the well-being of local people.

According to the International Ecotourism Society, the definition of ecotourism is tourism that follows these principles:

  • minimize impact

  • build environmental and cultural awareness and respect

  • provide positive experiences for both visitors and hosts

  • provide direct financial benefits for conservation

  • provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people

  • raise sensitivity to host countries' political, environmental, and social climate

Adventures with Purpose Eco Travel advice:

"Travel in a respectful way. Donít harm cultures or lands but seek ways to improve them. Stay in lodges and hotels that are ecologically sound, that use solar, recycle and employ locals. Purchase goods and services that benefit the local economy."

Eco Travel resources

National Geographic has links to help you travel in a constructive and rewarding way, supporting the quality of your destinations while ensuring yourself a richer travel experience.

Conservation International believes that Earth's natural heritage must be maintained if future generations are to thrive spiritually, culturally and economically. Our mission is to conserve the Earth's living heritage, our global biodiversity, and to demonstrate that human societies are able to live harmoniously with nature.

Planeta.com is a pioneering website (debuting in 1994) that provides resources for travelers and locals alike with a common vision of eco-friendly, people-friendly, place-friendly travel.

United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP, established in 1972, is the voice for the environment within the United Nations system. UNEP acts as a catalyst, advocate, educator and facilitator to promote the wise use and sustainable development of the global environment. To accomplish this, UNEP works with a wide range of partners, including United Nations entities, international organizations, national governments, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and civil society.

Our Planet, the United Nations Environment Programme's flagship magazine for environmentally sustainable development.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO/OMT), a specialized agency of the United Nations, is the leading international organization in the field of tourism. It serves as a global forum for tourism policy issues and practical source of tourism know-how. Tourism will contribute to solutions for global climate change and poverty challenges. UNWTO says that the world must respond in a holistic way to the twin challenges of Climate Change and Poverty and that the Tourism sector can effectively contribute to the solutions.

Stay Green. Greenhotels.com, a website with tips on Green hotels and Green Travel.

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