Mountain Travel Sobek, the adventure travel company that Richard Bangs founded in the 1960’s, is offering a Lord of the Nile tour and a New Zealand tour.

EGYPT: Sobek: Lord of the Nile

Egypt's Lord of the Nile Here’s an adventure that showcases secrets and treasures rarely seen, but one that also makes a difference! Mountain Travel Sobek co-founder Richard Bangs designed this special trip for the PBS series Adventures with Purpose and his companion book of the same title. It’s a fascinating journey exploring the Nile through the lens of Sobek (yes, our Sobek!), the crocodile god that influenced so much of dynastic Egypt, and of the crocodile itself, which through poaching, pollution, and the blockage from the Aswan Dam has disappeared from the Egyptian Nile. Traveling to temples and active dig sites not included on any other itineraries, you’ll witness the art and architecture influenced by the great god Sobek, as well as many other great icons of Egypt. And, you’ll “make a difference” by taking one of the many live poached crocodiles at Aswan and releasing it back into the waters of Lake Nasser, where through efforts like this it might one day thrive and reclaim its place as “Lord of the Nile.”

  • Follow the mythology of the crocodile god Sobek on a unique itinerary crafted by Richard Bangs for the PBS series Adventures with Purpose
  • Absorb a sense of history at the classic sites at Luxor, Abu Simbel, Aswan, and the Pyramids of Giza
  • Visit the newly rebuilt Alexandria Library and Museum, once the largest in the world
  • Accommodations in classic hotels, including the Mena House Oberoi and the legendary Old Cataract Hotel

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