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Copenhagen top

Our first stop is Copenhagen. Situated on the east side of the Danish island of Zealand, this Scandinavian city is closer to Sweden then the mainland of Europe.

Copenhagen is the capitol of Denmark, Europe’s oldest Kingdom. Once the home of the dreaded Vikings, today Denmark is the very image of a civilized country, enjoying one of the world’s highest standards of living.

Copenhagen is steeped in history with its share of churches, museums, palaces and a Queen. If this seems a little bit stuffy don’t be fooled because the Danes also know how to have fun.


Avoid the hassle of buying tickets for transportation, museums, and attractions with a Copenhagen Card. You can purchase yours on-line.


A Danish & A Boat Ride top

And for me, the fun starts with breakfast. This country has elevated a flaky, fruit filled pastry to such a high level of perfection it is known the world over as “A Danish.”


Wandering into a bakery or cafe can be a challenge without a little help with the Danish language. You'll find a helpful "Danish Menu Reader" at guide.appetitenet.com.

Later, I’ll burn off some of those delicious Danish calories with a brisk Danish walk….but first, we have a boat to catch. If you feel the need to rush, to make the most of your short stay in Copenhagen, relax. A great way to get a feel for this harbor town is a tour boat ride through Nyhavn.


Find out all about touring Copenhagen's canals by boat at www.visitcopenhagen.dk.

Once the home of rowdy sailors and merchants, this sea going neighborhood has been a prosperous part of Danish life for over 300 years.. Wooden sailboats still anchor at the docks near Hans Christian Andersen's home.


Take a quick on-line tour of Hans Christian Andersen's homes and temporary lodgings at www.astoft.co.uk.


Stroget Street & Hans Christiam Andersen top

After your tour, head up Stroget Street, a pedestrian mall that leads from Nyhavn to the city center. Stroget is one of Copenhagen’s best places to shop, snack, or just to people watch.


For a fun read on the state of Copenhagen fashion and shopping, check out the CPH Times. For the official version, visit Wonderful Copenhagen.

Stroget leads right to the Town Hall Square and the center of the city. Some travelers have a seat right in Hans Christian Anderson’s lap. The author of “The Ugly Duckling” and “the Little Mermaid” doesn’t mind at all.


For more information about Hans Christian Andersen, visit www.andersen.sdu.dk.


Danish Design Center top

Perhaps you’ve noticed the Danes have a knack for design. Whether it’s in architecture like the Black Diamond addition to the Royal Library of Copenhagen, or in everyday things.

To see what a coffee pot SHOULD look like, spend an hour in the Danish Design Center, near the Tivoli gardens. The museum shows how Danish designers achieved international fame by producing furniture and everyday objects that are functional, graceful and comfortable.


The Center conducts daily guided tours. Find out more at www.ddc.dk.


Tivloi Gardens top

For our evening in Copenhagen, we’ve saved the best for last—Tivoli Gardens, a must-see destination. Tivoli is a one-of-a-kind amusement park-- right in the center of the city. For more than 150 years Tivoli has offered travelers an easy place to totally unwind. Here, you can relax over dinner, take a romantic stroll, dance the night away or cap your 24 hour adventure with a bit of pyrotechnics—a prefect end to a prefect day in Copenhagen.


The summer of 2005 brings to Tivoli "A Tivoli Fairy Tale." This is a spectacular show featuring 15-foot puppets, music, lights, pyrotechnics and special effects. Don't miss it!


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