Small World Productions (SWP) produces award winning travel series for public television. SWP is proud to host the following websites:

Real Road Adventures
Host Jeff Wilson navigates the “E-Grand Tour of Switzerland” in a battery powered electric car and revels in the scenic wonders, multicultural heritage, and world-class tourism resources of Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

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Real Rail Adventures
Host Jeff Wilson fits the bill perfectly for Real Rail Adventures. Majesty and machines join in Switzerland and in this new public television special from APT.

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Host Rudy Maxa models hassle-free ways of getting to great places, discovering the world’s vitality and character, and plotting memorable, independent trips.

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Richard Bangs'
Adventures With Purpose

This long-running public television series combines adventure with travel that makes a difference, travel that positively impacts the world.

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DVDs, Videos, & Books, and on the joys of travel.


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