Jeff Wilson

Host Jeff Wilson fits the bill perfectly for Real Rail Adventures. Jeff is a lifelong traveler and an avid train buff. He has hosted national ‘how-to’ TV programs for more than a decade.  Jeff’s on-cameras and world-class narration convey passion, savvy and respect for adventure. Warm, good-natured and curious, Jeff is an ideal virtual travel companion.

With Small World's production team Jeff fills each show with key points of interest, relevant history, and up-to-date advice. This baby boomer models how to create authentic, memorable adventures through first-person experiences. His 'can-do' attitude connects with viewers of all ages.

An enduring fan of steam locomotives, Jeff’s transportation-of-choice is the train, and he’s perfected his travel-skills exploring Europe by train. 

Jeff delights in investigating grand historic stations and whistle-stops, and drinking in the sights as the world speeds by the train window.

Always ready for nature breaks and outdoor adventures, Jeff is an enthusiastic hiker, mountain biker and kayaker.

After replacing Bob Vila as host of Restore America, Jeff hosted eight national TV series and several prime-time specials, many for HGTV and DIY Network. His top-notch narration is heard on more than a dozen films on extreme skiing and in scores of national documentaries and commercials. Toyota, McDonalds, Opryland and Bell South are a few of Jeff's clients. His production credits include hundreds of online ‘how-to’ presentations for HGTV and Thompson’s Water Seal Company.

A devoted blogger, Jeff has launched a new web site with articles and musings on his travel adventures at: Jeff shoots, edits, writes and narrates on-line clips on his sites that often feature his daughters Winter 15 and Sylvie 14. In 1992 he graduated from the University of Wisconsin and lives in a small Ohio college town where he prepares for his next adventure.

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